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This is a very simple, yet entertaining, metalworking project.

When I was in high school guys were stealing forks from the cafeteria and making these in metal shop. I had not thought of this in a long time until I saw an instructable for a fork ring posted today (6/26/15). I had also been trying to think of something I could enter in the "Unusual Uses Challenge", "Reuse Contest", and the "Metal Contest". If you like this please vote for it.

You will need:

A Fork - A cheap stainless steel fork works best, they will be easier to bend, and the wife will not see the humour if you use a fork from the good set of flatware.

A length of small chain to use as a necklace.

Tools required:

Long handle pliers

Bench Grinder


Step 1: Construction

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When bending the tangs it works best to finish one tong before starting the next.

Use the pliers to bend the first tang down half way, use the grinder to cut off the excess and to de-burr it.

Put it in the vice and bend it down the rest of the way.

Do the same for the other two tangs.

Bending the handle around is a little harder, but follow the same procedure as for the tangs, but you will need to bend it around a form a little larger than your chain.

Have fun


ForTheLoveOfFood (author)2015-06-28


JRV31 (author)ForTheLoveOfFood2015-06-28

Thank you.

seamster (author)2015-06-26

I find this incredibly . . . awesome! :)

JRV31 (author)seamster2015-06-26

I'm glad to see my sense of humour is appreciated.

If you like the please vote for it in the "Unusual Uses Challenge", "Reuse Contest", and the "Metal Contest"

Thank you

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