How to make a drop-down longboard using only simple woodworking tools?

The traditional technology of making a drop-down longboard requires a veneer pressing process. So it requires a special equipment. I offer to make a sectional longboard using flat plywood sheets with an optimized drop-down parts design. I described the principles in the following articles:
Forked drop-down longboard
Combined drop-down longboard

Step 1: Gather Tools and Materials

To complete this project you will need the following materials and stock parts.

  • 15mm (11 ply) Baltic birch plywood
  • 12mm (9 ply) Baltic birch plywood
  • Wood stain and varnish
  • 180 mm (7") longboard trucks
  • 65-70mm longboard wheels
  • M5 (US #10-#12) bolts washers and nuts.

I recommend using the Caliber 184/50 or Slant 180/50 trucks for this design.

Required tools

  • Jigsaw with blades for plywood or laminate
  • Clamps
  • Electric drill with 5mm (US #12) bits
  • Drill mount sanding disk or another sanding tool
  • Sandpaper Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Electric handheld router (optional).
<p>I cant open the files </p>
<p>You need a CAD program. I use QCAD. It is freeware.</p><p>You have gave me an idea to publish plans as PDF files. However, CAD programs are more convenient to print multi-page drawings anyway.</p>
<p>Thank you! I'll download QCAD</p><p>Greetings from Argentina</p>
<p>Nice. I like homemade boards because I can make them as strong as I want.</p>
<p>Thank you, Jason!</p>

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