Introduction: Forklery

About: Just a fellow who want's to learn new tricks and skills.

I have done some pendants from stainless teaspoons, one day i was out of spoons...

So i decided to try with forks.

This one is "Halloween edition fork cat couple"..

Step 1: Easy Start..

I made an easy try at first.

Its a simple cat shape.

I used power drill and HSS drills, Dremel rotary tool and tungsten carbide cutters.

Video shows the whole process.

Step 2: Another Try..

Second try took little more time..

My stepdaughter wanted to get a "Fox couple", from a fork of course..

Video shows how its made. "Halloween edition" on the front page is made with the same way.



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    This is very nice! I just wish you'd added a text version of your how-to in addition to the video. I (and I'm sure others) don't usually watch video instructables. While I know that there are certain things that are better explained through video than through words, I find that video take way too long to watch as opposed to just reading the steps. Plus, with my short attention span, half way through the video, I'm already thinking about something else! Anyway... again, beautiful work. I voted for you so good luck!

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    Thank you. You're right. Im just practising this thing. I hope my instructables gets better at the future. Im really poor to explain what i do, specially because of my poor english skills. Its difficult to find the right words. But i hope that gets better too. Thank you very much for the feedback and voting me.

    Thomas. Story board your video. Take this one and write what you are saying.. Yes, that is backwards of the way I did video...Story board drawn then describe the picture in words. You have done that...I hope this helps

    0L0000000a Jeanne

    Yep. Im just terrible when i try to explain something... maybe because usually i don't have any idea about what im making. :)

    Really loved this... amazing way to recycle old forks.. that kitty is really cute :)

    Were these the bits that come with the Drexel or did you need to get something special to work on metal? I have never tried working on metal before.

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    I used tungsten carbide cutters. Grinding stones work too, but those don't last very long and loses their shape after a while.