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Step 1:

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1. resin + colbat = color = pink and properties=Gel

2. Acid + 1 =color = Dark green properties= Du

3. Add up Article To Template( Clay+water( The dough),,or,,Thick plastic Metal

And any material that does not react with it.
4. add up fiber glass Sliced
5.3/5 hour until Drying
The liquid must be poured into the mold
Not coming out!!
Mold surface prior to injection
Should be fatty
Or liquid oil!!
You can get a solid piece
After the fiberglass layer
Enter the hybrid solution!!
In working with acid be careful!!!
The exact proportion of female
In the eye
Better to be specific colors!!
The role provider is accelerating the acid.
If too much is poured
The fragile
Than it note..?!
To use thin layers of acid more..!
Article after a few hours
Becomes dry
Try to be earlier used...!
And I add the rest later

Step 2:

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Narasimas (author)2015-11-12

hey where did you buy the resin and hardner

yazdanian1 (author)Narasimas2016-10-09

You can visit the shopping centers chemicals.

When you buy the vendor will tell you the percentage of material.



amberrayh (author)2015-02-02

Thank you for the instructions! Can you tell us more about the process? What is that fluffy stuff on top of the fiberglass and what is it for?

yazdanian1 (author)amberrayh2015-02-04

hi amberrayh

Thanks for your reminder...
Thank you that was important to you...!

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