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Introduction: Format Dell Computers - Downgrade to XP From Vista

I don't know if this is helpful or if I'm just retarded. I've been trying to format a Dell Dimension E520 for about a month now and I just figured it out. Everytime I tried to format from the XP CD it'd stop a few mins after it started with a blue screen error.

It turns out this has someting to do with the RAID setting in the BIOS (F2 at startup).

- F2 at startup
- Drives
- SATA Operation

in this option it is set at RAID: On
the only other option is RAID: Autodetect / ATA
set it to RAID: Autodetect / ATA and save and exit now restart with the XP CD in the drive and boot from CD.

everything should run smooth and normal now. it worked first shot for me and I haven't had a problem. the Dimension E520 is a decent machine with XP on it. does everything it needs to do for my GF who is an occasional Comp user. it was a paper weight with Vista on it

hope this helps crappy dell users out there.

(This worked for DELL computers (PC's) I have encountered. I have no idea if this will work on any other machine)



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    it seems lawyers are noobs who love writing in caps and screaming.\ Nice job! I'm gonna do it :) Is it possible to do this with linux too? I'd love to learn linux

    its an old post but i just want to say i installed Lubuntu (lightweight Ubuntu) un a DELL C840 (it came out with XP) and it works like a charm

    Linux isn't that big of a transition anymore......check out Ubuntu or Simply Mepis there two excellent versions of Linux....... Ubuntu is easily downloadable from there site and you can load a live session so you can try it out before you format with it....... or dual boot with it

    LOL, I always wait for the Windows welcome song to start! ROFLOLMAO

    Don't you mean, "UPGRADE to XP from Vista"? Vista is a bunch of crud. It's slow and requires really good hardware to run smoothly.

    Just did this but on the Studio 1555 model Dell laptop, Its under the SATA options : Change AHCI to IDE. Thanks for this, it helped alot

    "Autodetect / ATA " where do you see that cuuz i cant see that on my computer

    hi friends vista to xp downgrade done perfectly thanks.