Introduction: Forming a Kawasaki Rose

This is a video on how to form a Kawasaki Rose after you've completed the creases. The instructions for the creases can be found on the internet or at my site Personally the creases are manageable but the formation of the rose from 2D instructions is the hardest part. I hope this helps.


valleycrosser (author)2010-08-07

Apperently your website has disappeared from the internet so if you could make an instructable on how to make the crease pattern that would be great.

equinox18 (author)2009-11-05

omg its awesome... expect you lost me at the end TT^TT oh well hahahaha but it was awesome

jospie (author)2008-09-15

"see this triangle here?" no- whut triangle???? i can't see what you're doing im afraid...

jdm16 (author)2008-08-20

I lost you on folding the bottom inwards

snowmoonelk (author)2008-06-11

very clever, but afraid I lost the will to live!

Scott_Tx (author)2008-04-16

Here I thought it was going to be some extravagant way of wrecking your motorcycle.

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