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Introduction: Fornasetti Ikea Hack

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Create a beautiful Fornasetti inspired chair using an inexpensive Ikea chair. An easy way to spice up a basic chair.

Step 1: Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

Step 2: You'll Need

Ikea Chair

Clip art images of your choice

E-6000 Spray Adhesive

Black Krylon spray paint

Americana Multi Surface Satin Paint in Gold

Krylon metallic gold paint pen

Minwax Polycrylic

Spray water bottle


Step 3: Images to Print Out......

Print out these images for your own Fornasetti inspired chair. Included is an image of Lina Cavalieri who was a famous opera singer and used in many of Piero Fornasetti's pieces.

Step 4: Prepare the Chair

Spray paint your chair black

Cut out your clip art

Spray the front of your clip art pieces with water

Spray the back of your clip art pieces with E-6000 Spray Adhesive

Step 5: Add Images and Details

Adhere the images on your chair and flatten with a dry cloth

*This will also take off some of the moisture

When the images are dry, carefully edge the chair with a gold Krylon paint pen

Using Gold Americana Multi Surface Satin, tape and paint 3" up on the foot of each leg

Coat the entire chair with Minwax Polycrylic clear gloss and let dry



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    10 Discussions

    I absolutely LOVE this! Any idea which chair was used? I didn't find one like it.


    1 reply

    I can't remember which chair was used unfortunately. It's been quite a while since I made this and I've since given it away.

    cool video there :)
    enjoyed every second of it

    Great job! This method could probably be used for many other projects which need decor.

    Simple but very effective - like this a lot.

    incredible! I love this idea and think a set of these would easily sell on Etsy!