Fort Kecil - a Knex Ball Machine





Introduction: Fort Kecil - a Knex Ball Machine

Here's my first ball machine. It was build and filmed back in June 2009, I just never made a video of it. There are 4 paths and a chain lift.

YouTube - Fort Kecil - a Knex Ball Machine



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    Wow. Again another amazing ball machine

    Wow! Neat!

    i did not realize it was that small

    ( complement)

    Can you plesase make an instructable for the large spiral path? I tried to copy it from the picture but could'nt recognise the support structures.

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    Sorry but this is long gone. I can't remember how I made the supports either. Just hold the track in the position you want to have it, and then figure out how to make the supports. I know that I used four places to support the track.

    ...Wow... I have a new #1 favorite ball machine. 5 stars.

    I asked him, He didn't wanna tell me :-p

     I don't know, I'm still building on it. Also i'm running out of blue connectors :(

    Me too, I only have 10 blue connectors left. :-P

    Lol, but i still got some metallic blue :P

    Too bad blue connectors are so expensive.

    Oh I didn't see that comment earlier.

    Will you still be able to finish Cataclysm

    Hopefully. I ordered some, so more should be coming soon.

    I love the ball arm at 0:27.

    I really like this one actually, I like its actual aesthetic look too, its very interesting.