Picture of Fort Kit - Best DIY Gift to Give a Child
I think ALL kids love building forts! So, I decided to give my son a Fort Kit, which includes all the necessary supplies he needs to make a fort with his cousins! I think this is an awesome gift to give kids, and very affordable.

The Fort Kit here includes:
  • two sheets
  • a flashlight and headlamp
  • 3 glow sticks
  • pvc pipes which can be used as a base for the sheets to be draped over
  • clothespins - used to secure sheets together
  • the tubing in the photo - my son created a phone from it with the tubes and pvc pipes
Free "Fort Kit" Label: with this instructable you can download and use the label I created, if you like. I could create another one too if needed, for a girl. If anyone wants that, please comment and I will do that!

About the Tote Bag: I sewed the tote bag myself and documented each and every step of the process. I am currently a full-time student and busy with some classes, so I did not have the time to upload those instructions just yet. But I will be creating a detailed step-by-step instructable later this week, on how to make the tote bag. I will post a link to it once it is done.
tjaaedwards2 years ago
how much pvc pipe are you including in the kit? What length(s) and what connections. This is a great gift idea!
it’s a do it yourself kit so it depends on the model you want to build to the plans if you, because different pipes/fittings can function to construct there intended functions things it’s the components total, the 3D dimensions you plan to use for example if I wanted to build a triangle I would need 3 pieces and I would need 3 45 degree elbows try a 3d modeling/designing program will make great examples of what it would take so it’s like a custom thing that's one of the obstacles we inventors/designers/builders/etc. have to manage
amandaggogo2 years ago
Great idea! Will make a super good gift for my little cousins!
lwall2 years ago
This is a really great idea, I think I will be putting one of these together for my niece. Hope she doesn't loose everything right away :D
HollyMann (author)  lwall2 years ago
Thanks!!! That is awesome :)