Here's a crafty way to recycle fortune cookie wisdom into trendy coasters. This project is designed by RePlayGround, an eco-crafty company that promotes do-it-yourself projects made from the stuff you'd usually throw into the trash. Let's get started ReMaking!

You will need:

4" X 4" cardboard square
14 fortune cookie fortunes
8 paper chopstick sleeves
clear sticky paper (contact paper)

Step 1: Adhere the Fortunes

Cut a 4" X 4" cardboard square. We recommend using thin cardboard, such as from a cereal box or food packaging. For this project, we used a granola bar box.

Adhere the fortunes in rows to the cardboard square with a glue stick. For this coaster design, I overlapped the fortunes. The left fortune overlaps the right, and then for the row below, I overlapped right over left, and so on, until the entire square is covered with fortunes. I added a strip of the chopstick paper to the top and bottom of the coaster for some extra color. Feel free to get creative!
What a great project and way to reuse!

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