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Paleontology has always been a favorite.  It all started with a Petoskey stone in 1st Grade, and expanded from there! In this Instructable I hope to Show people this fun and rewarding activity.

Step 1: Materials

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the following are needed:

1. Hands

2. Eyes

3. A capacity to learn

4. A sense of adventure

5. Pockets or containers

Step 2: Location

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This is the big question. Where do you want to hunt? Areas that are disturbed by man are excellent, examples being mines. quarries, and cutbanks. Lakes and riverbeds are also very good. Other possible sites are areas made of sedimentary rock, which are littered with fossils, such as peninsula point in Michigan. Where ever you go, keep in mind one thing. If the land is privately owned, permission is needed, this also applies to mines and quarries. You can additionally contact the Geological Survey in your state (providing you live in America).

Step 3: Hunting

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Now comes the fun part. To start off, just walk around. Yep, just walk.
Bend over to survey the ground. Be careful while surveying the ground,
or risk smacking into a tree (don't ask). Any specimens found can be stored in a container, or simply shoved in a pocket.
If you're at a lake or riverbed, be prepared to stick your arm into icy-cold water.
Store your findings in a safe container, or put them up for display.

Step 4: El Fin

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i hope you enjoy hunting as much as i do. i would also like to see any interesting fossils you have. Here are some of my favorites.
Thank you for viewing my first Instructable!


Sam and Earth (author)2016-02-25

I myself have been fossil hunting for the past four years, and I absolutely love it. What is the most interesting thing you have found while fossil hunting?

billbillt (author)2014-10-05


superpurplemonkey (author)2014-08-05

To author ... If you want to find arrowheads the best way is to look is in a field where there is hills because when the natives lived they lived on high ground and had water below them so a field with hills would work good. You either stay in one spot and search there or you walk around and just brush the dirt with your foot where the hills are high!!! Hope this helps

mcharles8 (author)2014-07-17

Hey what's that on your profile pic?

ikeike40 (author)2010-07-02

At the camp i go to it rained for like a week. After the rain i went to the lake shore where i found around 10 arrow heads.(yes i know they're not really fossils but they're still cool)

manadhon (author)ikeike402010-07-07

i never have found an arrow head before, guess I live in the wrong part of Michigan :)

dinosaurslayer (author)2010-06-29

fossil hunting actually isnt my hobby im only 13 and ive always been facinated wit dinosaurs mainly in art lke in movies and decorations things like that so im striving 2 become a paleoartist in the future

manadhon (author)dinosaurslayer2010-06-30

fossil hunting is one of my many hobbies i have, and I'm not really interested in art or movies with dinosaurs, with all my hobbies i cant really decide what i want to be

dinosaurslayer (author)2010-06-29

i found sometin just like the 2nd pic and took it 2 a paleontoligist but mine had wat looked like the top of a turtles shell and the bottom as one 2 he didnt now wat it waz also while walking along a shoreline i found some stingray teeth and a piece of a turtle shell 60 million yars old if your looin for other spots check were the ground is desturbed by cnstruction like were housing devolpements r i found ome stuff on the side of a highway check near redskins stadium cuz before it waz built like during construction a friend of mine found some prehistoric sea creatures

manadhon (author)dinosaurslayer2010-06-30

thanks for the tips! the best fossil I've found is the one above (first pic).My cousin actually found the tip of a talon in a rock with his friend at their school

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