I just moved into a new house, and wanted something to cover a big space and tie together all of the different decor colors in the room. I settled on a grouping of six 8x10" canvases, but you could do this with any size, provided that the found paper is big enough to cover it. I'm using sheet music, but this project would work equally well with wrapping paper or maps. I made circular cutouts, but you could do stars, diamonds, squares, faces, animals... whatever you think you're dextrous enough to cut out.

Step 1: Get your materials together.

You will need:

1. acrylic paint in whatever colors you want (get more than you think you need, because it sucks to run out in the middle of a project)
2. something to mix the paint on that is reasonably non-porous (I used disposable coated paper plates)
3. a palette knife to mix the paint (only if you're making your own colors)
4. a paintbrush (I used a 1" synthetic hair; don't use natural hair that is too coarse or it will leave too much texture behind in the paint)
5. X-Acto knife
6. cutting surface for X-Acto (piece of cardboard, back of a notebook, whatever)
7. light-colored pen or pencil
8. ruler
9. a number of stretched canvases in whatever size you want
10. enough found paper to cover the canvases
11. Elmer's glue or Mod Podge
12. staple gun and staples
13. string or yarn
14. nails/picture hangers/3M hooks/etc.
15. a level with horizontal and vertical bubbles
16. hammer

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