Step 4: Assemble: Outlet Nozzle

Picture of Assemble: Outlet Nozzle
3/4"-18" pipe (I had to go back and add a coupling and 3/4"x4" nipple so go with 24")
1 1/2" -1" reducer
1 1/2"x5" nipple

Use a vice to hold the 1 1/2"-1" reducer (wide side down) in place. Then use the angle grinder to make four equally spaced cuts (as close as you can is fine) about 1"-1 1/2" from the top (1" side). These vent holes provide extra air and helps to control the flame.

Dry fit the 1 1/2"x5" nipple on to the reducer, slide the 3/4" pipe in till its about 1/2"-3/4" (on the inside) from the end of the 5" nipple. Then mark the 3/4" pipe where it lines up with the 1" side of the reducer. This directs the flame further into the foundry keeping the nozzle cooler and it also helps prevent back pressure in the nozzle.

Clean and weld the 3/4" pipe (at the mark) to the 1" side of the reducer. Make sure it's centered. Use tact welds and a vice as needed.

I originally made mine a little too short and back pressure (from the reduction into the brick work) was heating up the nozzle, so I had to add a coupling and a nipple to compensate.