Step 5: My new Aluminum Ramming Tool

Picture of My new Aluminum Ramming Tool
DSCN3282 (Small).JPG
DSCN3286 (Small).JPG
DSCN3292 (Small).JPG
DSCN3294 (Small).JPG
DSCN3300 (Small).JPG
DSCN3297 (Small).JPG
DSCN3302 (Small).JPG
This was the hardest part for me, WAITING.  I poured the molten aluminum into the flask and the left overs into the slim ingot tray that I made. I let it cool down and then I opened it all exicited to see a beautiful new tool to add to my collection. My new Aluminum Sand Rammer.
I cut off the extra metal from the pouring spout and from the vent hole. After I gave it a light grinding and cleaning and it is ready for use.
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