Are you one of the millions of people who want to gain muscle and loose fat? Well now you can start with this simple and effective apparatus.

This apparatus came from my Dad who wrestled in high school, wanted to gain more muscle. His coach gave him this idea, and then he passed it to me.

Step 1: Materials.

 You will need a stick of any kind as long as it is 1ft. long, and over 1/2 in. in diameter. Rope or anything that can hold a weight., and the weight.

Narrowing it down:
1. Stick/ Dowel Rod.
2. Rope. (should be from fingertips to opposing shoulder.)
3.Weight (I just so happen to choose a Combination lock.)
actually in my weight room at school we have something like this except it holds weights. your actually supposed to hold it out strait with both arms, and just use your wrists to twist it. i'm tellin you its one hell of a work out. 25 Lbs and 2 sets you don't want to do anything for the rest of the day<br />
although it would be easy enough to just&nbsp; take the lock off and tie and weights directly onto it, you could also try to make the lock useful.<br /> if you remembered your combo for the lock you put on, simply unlock it, slide the rope off the shaft, through a weight of your choosing, back onto the lock shaft and relock it.&nbsp;<br /> tada. <br /> a keyed lock would be quicker. i know i have tons of locks laying around... might do this. <br /> <br /> but about the arm configuration while doing the work out; i have seen the arms straight out, arms lowered, behind the head, and just once&nbsp; there was a guy doing the way you have shown... maybe it was you!<br />
&nbsp;i was only in this position for the picture my cell phone isn't the best.&nbsp;
&nbsp;EXACTLY lol
Isn't it <em>fore</em>arm not four arm<br />
&nbsp;yeah my bad im sick right now and cant spell i will fix it soon.
I think you meant coach, not couch.<br />
hahaa, looney tunes poster in the background

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