When thrifting at Goodwill or other vintage shops, it takes a keen eye to choose furniture wisely.
See how this laminate topped modern side table was strong enough to live four lives. Each look brought the table closer to it's final form.

Step 1: Original Table from Goodwill

Nice legs make this table a piece worth having. The laminate top was not so pretty.
This is so cool!!
<p>These are really stylish! I love them!</p>
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Love it!
Thanks Holly. I wish I could find another one.
I just did something very similar a couple of weeks ago with an old side table. Now it's a great looking bench for my project table.
You should post a photo of it.
sweet work ;)
I've seen these styles of tables at thrift stores too, but I didn't have the vision for them as you have. Cooooooooool
That's a really cool table! Even though you used it over again it keeps appearing to be something brand new! I love it!
I loved the one with nail trim. Very cool
That's a great demonstration of reusing...over and over and over and over.
Maybe I should make it into a Derby hat for today's festivities. Ha!

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