Picture of Four-Poster Pet Bed
If you were a dog or cat, odds are you'd rather have a fancy four-poster bed over your basic puppy pillow. With a table, some paint and fabric, and a few other items, you can make sure that felix (or fido) sleeps in style.

Note: This bed was inspired by a post on http://junkcamp.blogspot.com - pretty darn cool stuff there!
Also Note: My deciding to make this might also have something to do with this.

Step 1: You'll Need. . .

Picture of You'll Need. . .
For the bed:
  • - a smallish side/end table (the one used here is 18"x21" and 19" high). Because it'll be painted, you don't need to worry about any scratches in the finish much. Also, the most important thing is that it have nice legs - I think the turned ones look particularly nice
  • - 4 finials (the ones used here are ends for a curtain rod that were just the right size)
  • - 4 smallish ball feet
  • - a piece of crown molding cut to fit between two of the legs and form a headboard (mine ended up being 11 inches)
  • - small can paint (flat white used here)
  • - paint brush (I used a sponge brush, but if you're worried about streaking you might want to go with a small roller)
  • - wood glue
  • - a paint pen for detailing (I used silver)
  • - newspapers to paint on

For the cushion:
  • - about a yard and a half of fabric (cut from a bolt at a fabric store - measures about 46" across. A pretty black and white damask is used here)
  • - a trash bag or paper to make a pattern
  • - trim (optional - I went with some black trim and needed about 2 yards of it. . .I kind of wish I'd gotten red, but it still looks nice I think)
  • - a small zipper (also optional, the one here is 6 inches)
  • - stuffing! (about half of a 32 oz bag)
  • - pins
  • - needle
  • - thread
llallazn3 years ago
katerlyn3 years ago
Would a whole coffee table work...for foster kitties?!!
shesparticular (author)  katerlyn3 years ago
I haven't tried a larger table, but it should work too - please do post photos of your completed beds :)
katerlyn3 years ago
THANK YOU! i have some tables perfect for this, but they have glass tops...cats love hammocks to maybe i can still make it work. GREAT idea thank you so much.
shesparticular (author)  katerlyn3 years ago
I hope you'll post photos of what you come up with! Also, that kitty is adorable :)
shpadoinkle4 years ago
I love this! I'm thinking about trying it out myself for my new kitten, but I'm having trouble tracking down some of the materials. I can probably improvise on the molding, but where can I buy finials and ball feet? Are finials commonly sold separately, or do you have to buy the whole curtain rod with them? Any advice would be appreciated!
shesparticular (author)  shpadoinkle4 years ago
Please do post pictures once it's done! I was able to find all the materials (except the table and fabric, etc.) at Home Depot, so likely any woodworking-type store should carry both the finials and ball feet. I didn't have to but a curtain rod with them, but I'm really not sure what might be available in other areas.
b1russell5 years ago
As you can see from his expression, Dammit (AKA Mr Adventure, who also "answers to" Bubba) is into everything - all the time. He's the one more likely to literally walk all over me, push me out of "his" spot, and generally wreak havoc. Panther (I couldn't resist - he's all black, even his whiskers!) is FAR more reserved; hence HRH. Chasing a laser is way beneath his dignity! He's the one who always claims the top of the cat tree! I can't tell you how often my response, to one or the other, is "Oh, all RIGHT already!" So I'm guessing I have to go looking for TWO tables to turn into four-poster beds - and they'll probably still want wherever I'm trying to sleep.
Mr Adventure - Dammit.jpgHRH - Panther.JPG
shesparticular (author)  b1russell5 years ago
Awww, they're so cute! I'm sure they'd love some fancy beds!
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww sooooooooo so so so  cute i have a cat!
b1russell5 years ago
A labor of love, to be sure. Unless, of course, it is indeed the result of smug feline manipulation! Oh, if only I had a bed as nice - for myself. But then, my Panther (the prince to your princess) would only nudge me out of it. I think your creation is wonderful!
shesparticular (author)  b1russell5 years ago
Thanks so much! I think considering how nicely it turns out, it's really worth it! I'd love to see pictures of your kitty (with or without a bed).
topazcat6 years ago
ROFLOL - you don't think outside the box, you think upside down in the box! I clicked on this thinking you made this from scratch - this is even better, since it's "recycled"!
shesparticular (author)  topazcat6 years ago
Thanks, I think it turned out really well - and my cat really likes it!
scoochmaroo6 years ago
Very cute.
I'd like to incorporate it into a four scratching-post bed!
shesparticular (author)  scoochmaroo6 years ago
Thanks! I'll bet it'd be pretty easy if you brushed glue instead of paint onto the legs and then wrapped them with rope - could even work with a table with straighter legs.