Picture of Four Simple and Fun Card Tricks
Here are four easy card tricks.

Trick 1: Spelling Bee (Starting on Step 1)

Trick 2: Guess the Card (Starting on Step 8)

Trick 3: 4 Jacks (Starting on Step 15)

Trick 4: It's a Snap (Starting on Step 22)


1 Standard Deck of 52 Cards (No Jokers)
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Step 1: First Trick: Spelling Bee

Picture of First Trick: Spelling Bee
The goal of this trick is to spell out the name of each card as you "randomly" lay the cards out.

Step 2: Preparing the Deck

Picture of Preparing the Deck
In order for this trick to work you must prearrange the deck.

1. Start by removing thirteen cards from the deck. One of each number making sure that they are not all the same suit.
2. Now, arrange the cards from the top card down in this order: Three, Eight, Seven, Ace, Queen, Six, Four, Two, Jack, King, Ten, Nine, and last Five.
Note: This means five should be on the bottom of the set of thirteen cards.
3. Place the thirteen cards on top of the rest of the deck.

Step 3: Shuffling the Deck

Picture of Shuffling the Deck
Now for the trick, begin shuffling the cards but make sure that the original 13 cards do not get mixed in the deck.

Step 4: Removing the "Randomly" Arranged Cards

Picture of Removing the
Tell the audience that you are removing the top thirteen cards then fan them out so they can see that the cards are "randomly" arranged.

Step 5: Spelling out the Cards

Picture of Spelling out the Cards
Begin spelling the first card, "ACE", as you say each letter remove the top card and place it on the bottom of your deck of thirteen cards.

Step 6: The Reveal

Picture of The Reveal
After the whole word is spelled then flip the top card and reveal that it is the card you spelled.

Step 7: The Reveal, CONT'd

Picture of The Reveal, CONT'd
Repeat steps 5 and 6 until Ace through 6 are laid out in front of your audience.


It is possible to go until all 13 cards are laid out, but the trick can become repetitive and long.

Step 8: Second Trick: Guess the Card

Picture of Second Trick: Guess the Card
This trick requires no skill and with a little mental arithmetic it just works.

After a seemingly random series of stacking cards you will eventually "guess" an unknown card and impress the audience.