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Introduction: Four Wheel Drive Truck

My first Instructables upload...

Utilising the ancient live axle technology, this design is hopefully the first version of what should become a very advanced model. By the end I hope to have four wheel drive with individually sprung wheels suspension and steering.

The truck currently has massive travel on its suspension which means I can drop it from about 1 meter and have nothing break. The drive system itself it pretty clunky as there are no beveled gears in K'nex and the belt drives to each axle work but are not very efficient. As for aethstetics, it looks pretty good but it could be better. I do like the angled lip on the edge of the doors  and how the cabin juts out the back but there is plenty of improvement to be made.

In short, it demonstrates the idea well but it needs a lot or refinement. If you have any suggestions don't hesitate, I am quite happy to take constructive criticism if it means the design improves. If there are any parts you want to see in detail just let me know and I will upload a picture.




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    Great work man. The only problem I see is the band snapping under too much stress, You could work out a propshaft system instead.

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    That was the original, having everything driven by gears, but if I had I would not have had space for the current suspension system. Also I don't think I have enough green rods to make another 8 gears (I would need 64 more to make it). I had suspected that the bands might break, thats why they are doubled up giving double the maximum stress but the safety clutch in the motor kicks in well before any substantial forces build up.

    I see, cool. There are knex universal joints which would allow you to use the suspension, I can't remember where I caw one, but there are a few knocking around

    Gworks has two, and not the one I was thinking of.

    Gworks has a small, but part consuming one.

    I had always wondered if they existed. It would have saved me loads of problems in numerous builds! Do you have any idea where you can get them?

    They don't exist as a piece, but you can make them. I'll give you the pictures once the rich editor is working again. It seems to have broken...

    You should post instructions. The suspension is the nicest I have seen in a while. 5 stars!!!

    5* please make instructions I would love to build it

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    I will try and find time to make designs for it. You should be able to make quite a lot from the pictures. Start with the motor and work out from there. You may have to wait a while before you get any real instruction as I am going back to uni and I am a club president so bare with me. Thanks for the 5* though :-D

    NP I love the ideas =D

    This is pretty cool man =D Keep up the effort in improving it; its a great start. You get 4.5*

    not bad =D