This is my Instructable on  the 4 X Laces pattern.  This lacing Pattern of lacing provides maximum relief of pressure to high arch contours.

Step 1: What You Need

Shoe Laces (duh?)
 that looks pretty cool, I should try it with my uniform shoes
post a pic if you do!
you have good taste in shoes<br />
&nbsp;Haha thanks. this is my first pair of converse and they rock! if you like my ible, i have PLENTY more over to the right.---------&gt;<br /> <br /> I also just got my second shoe ible one featured yesterday, you can see it on the front page :)<br /> <br /> Thanks for the great comment!<br />
i like the lattice look... you could try doing a double lace... ive got two diffrent colored shoelaces together on mine, it looks like a really tight version of your Double X but white and green and green and brown... it takes a lot of practice to make it look good but it is possible<br />
mind posting a pic? or do you have an ible made?
i could post a pic... tomorrow after school ill post some pics<br />

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