Introduction: Four X Laces

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 This is my Instructable on  the 4 X Laces pattern.  This lacing Pattern of lacing provides maximum relief of pressure to high arch contours.

Step 1: What You Need

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Shoe Laces (duh?)

Step 2: Insert Here

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 Insert the string on the bottom 2 holes from the outside in and pull tight.

NOTE: if they twist, you can fix later.

Step 3: X-1

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 to make your first X, put the laces through the holes up next. To do so, cross them over to the opposite side and go through the holes from the inside out.

Step 4: X-2

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 Again, cross the laces to the opposite side, but this time put them through the next set of holes from the outside in.

Step 5: Spaces

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To make the spaces, take the string into the next hole from the outside in, don't cross over and immediately take them back outside on the next set of holes just above.

Step 6: X-3

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Again, cross the laces to the opposite side, put them through the next set of holes again from the outside in.

Step 7: Last and Final X

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 take the laces and cross them over to the opposite sides and take them through the next set of holes from the inside out (last holes.)

Step 8: Done!

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 Thanks for viewing my instructable. i hope you try this. if you have any suggestions for future ibles, let me know, if you try this post a pic if you would like.

If you like this, converse, or have converse, make sure to join my group and post pics and ibles of your converse!



tankguy (author)2010-02-04

 that looks pretty cool, I should try it with my uniform shoes

J@50n (author)tankguy2010-02-05

post a pic if you do!

excessive.insurgence (author)2010-02-04

you have good taste in shoes

 Haha thanks. this is my first pair of converse and they rock! if you like my ible, i have PLENTY more over to the right.--------->

I also just got my second shoe ible one featured yesterday, you can see it on the front page :)

Thanks for the great comment!

i like the lattice look... you could try doing a double lace... ive got two diffrent colored shoelaces together on mine, it looks like a really tight version of your Double X but white and green and green and brown... it takes a lot of practice to make it look good but it is possible

mind posting a pic? or do you have an ible made?

i could post a pic... tomorrow after school ill post some pics


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