Four wheel bike trailer with adjustable length

Picture of Four wheel bike trailer with adjustable length
This bike trailer can be used for transport of heavy or very long materials. It can also be used as handcart.

After 2 years of use, the hitch, the connecting posts and the bearings have been changed which makes the trailer MUCH better!

A 4 wheel cart, or trailer for behind the bike is more complicated to build than a simple 2 wheel model, which can be rigid. The front wheel assembly needs the ability to turn, the hitch has to be able to tilt up and down, and suspension should be used to allow the front wheels to follow the unevenness of the road independently from the ones in the back.

I built the trailer in less than a week, including painting.
The costs were about E 55 ($ 80)

Needed: 2 hand trucks with inflatable wheels
Some plywood, preferably water resistant
About 3 m of wood , like 40x70 mm or 10 ft of 2x4�
2 (broken) bike seats, for the springs
Nuts and bolts, and lots of washers
Steel central heating pipe 22mm, 2 elbow compression fittings and one tee
4 teflon furniture gliders

Tools: Drill, pipe bender, wrenches, hacksaw, saw.
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Step 1: Back assembly (rear unit)

Picture of Back assembly (rear unit)
The back assembly is very straightforward. It is a separate unit which can be connected to the front by connecting posts (or by the load) of any length. I have transported lengths over 6 m (20').

1 Take the wheels A and the 2 connecting brackets B apart from the hand truck

2 Bolt these brackets on a piece of plywood C, which needs 4 holes for connection to the front unit
Wow very good rated 5/5 for your excellent documentatio .. hmm to excellent
jag2176 years ago
Whoa! Looks like your running away from home!
thegunthing7 years ago
i agree w/ rig it. very detailed. almost too good!!
BobS (author) 7 years ago
Currently I am updating the cart: I found nicer wooden connection beams, and some of the bolts have to be replaced by bigger ones. When it is ready I will put it on scales and reveal the weight. (it IS heavy, but I don't use the cart daily). Also, I'll make some pics of the configuration for transporting very long materials.
Mr. Rig It7 years ago
Wow what an instructable VERY detailed. I like the schematics. The hitch is cool. Great idea. I am giving you a +.
interesting but isnt it heavy?