Fox Animal Stole




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Introduction: Fox Animal Stole

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This is a very fun animal stole to wear. A real attention getter--you will be the only one wearing one of these- and it is PETA friendly. The knitting pattern comes from the booklet "FUR all the TIME" and
uses Lion Brand yarn.



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    Where can I find that booklet, please? 

    i like it too o.o Looks great :D Hmm..I wonder how hard it'd be to turn that into a fur suit....(totally a furry)

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    lol yea, i wonder myself x3

    You would wear a fur suit?! : )

    I would totally. I'm huge fan of the furry fandom. there's a 3-D chat program called IMVU...I've made my avatar into my fursona. pretty cool :3 My fursona is a Fox xD <---website name

    Learn something new everyday. Cool!

    It is VERY cute. Pictures don't do it justice. Thank you!

    my mother had a real one that look like that when I was a kid...I like your version much better

    This is fantastic! I'm Going to try and make one starting tonight!

    Outstanding! I'm going to make one for my wife.

    Very very very cute! I like it a lot, I wish I had one! +1 rating.