Fabric Flowers! Easy Tutorial





Introduction: Fabric Flowers! Easy Tutorial

Here's an easy to follow step by step tutorial how to make the prettiest fabric flowers! Enjoy!



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    I LOVED this cute tutorial! I searched fabric flowers and your picture of the flowers arranged on a shirt stood out the most! Very easy to follow! Love the music! Love the style! Love it all! Great Job!

    Great Tutorial, many thanks! Easy instructions, actual photos make it even easier to understand, and like the music in background idea. After making my sample and succeeding, I'm on my way to make Christmas fabric flower pins, because, after all, December is next week! What nice gifts/stocking stuffers!

    I really love your video and your tutorial about proper way of making fabric flowers is so easy to follow

    Totally off to make one now! Lovely tutorial, thank you.

    Nice work. I'll be sure to teach my daughter this one. Just one suggestion, and I apologize if someone has mentioned this already but you don't need to do the last cut for each petal(1:06) if you:
    1. Fold the square to make a rectangle
    2. Fold the now folded corners into the middle
    Sorry if that doesn't make any sense but if you unfold the material after you cut it you'll see it is just a square (a smaller version of the one that you started with)
    Keep up the good work:)

    love love love! besos

    This is great! SO cute! thanks for sharing! :)

    This is a super cute idea. thanks for sharing it

    Thanks for the kind comments everybody!!!

    omg that is so fabulous , great instructions and what a awesome flower , thanks for sharing , i appreicate it and wish you a pink rainbow day
    georgia from ohio