For all the math geeks who want to celebrate the holidays in their own way, try out the Fractal Gingerbread House. There may not be infinite surface area, but why not make your inedible masterpiece an ode to a beautiful pattern instead of some dumpy looking house?

So let's get our geek on and make a gingerbread Menger sponge.

Step 1: Menger sponge

A Menger sponge is a 3D fractal that starts with a cube. In each iteration the surface of each cube is divided into 9 sections and the middle section is pushed out.

In the next iteration, you look at the smaller subcubes of the original cube and repeat the same process.

in the picture below you can see the same process. With this gingerbread fractal we'll be making a level 2 Menger sponge and using decoration to make it look like a level 3.

Don't worry if that doesn't make sense, we'll move out of math geek territory now.
Neat... now we need to invent edible LEDs....
and edible metal... and edible batteries... and edible components... and edible duct tape... ok, duct tape actually IS edible; it just isn't a good idea to eat it...
the guinea pig in my picture has eaten so much ductape (that was used to hold her house together) she loves it and she is living to a very old age for a guinea pig! must not be too bad for ya!
Technically, a lot of things are edible but it's not a good idea to do so. :)<br />
ex<em>actly</em>.<br />
Because is one eats something, one could consider it edible. :)<br />
yep :D<br /> i learned the hard way that 9-volts are NOT fun to eat.<br />
You actually swallowed one? That must have created an interesting sensation.<br />
i *almost* swallowed one. thankfully i realized that it would hurt a lot if i swallowed it. i spat it up.<br />
Ha ha. Good thinking.<br />
I meant if. Sorry.<br />
i did it you should try it.
epic win!
&nbsp;so many delicious pieces to eat!
protip: put the icing in a ziplock bag and cut a tiny hole in the corner (just cut off enough of the corner to make a hole), and it will be super easy to squeeze the icing into dots and lines. (also, it's totally safe to eat the eggwhite-and-powdered-sugar icing you described.)
That's what I did at first, but with so many dots on vertical sides I found it faster to put a dab on my finger and do it that way. I know it's edible, I just don't want to mainline sugar is all :)
This is simply fantastic! Bonus points for *not* using the laser to cut out the gingerbread directly!<br/>
Oh, the thought crossed my mind, but I wanted to make something that anyone else could copy.
Wow! That looks really cool!
Where did you get the template or did you make it and if you did what did you use for the material? Great project. Keep the math is Christmas!
The template is a laser-cut piece of acrylic. You can easily make one from a piece of paper that will work just as well.
Hee hee! Food & math :)
It doesn't get much better
Haha, i just watched a movie called "Silk" which is based around capturing a ghost's energy in a menger sponge.
Awesome ! Its so geeky :D
very meticulous. very nice.
Very nice!
...That, is an awesome gingerbread house. Nice work!
I got an idea! A steampunk gingerbread house!
My mind exploded with sugarey goodness.
That's really cool :D
wow, you have taken it to a whole new infinite level. Great work, i love how you actually made the middle tunnel section.
Gingerbread mobius strip plz?

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