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Introduction: Fractal Popup Christmas Card

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This is my first Instructable, so please be kind!

I will show how to build a Christmas popup card that features a Fractal decomposition of images. You can fit your personal photos and pictures, so that the whole renders as a Christmas tree.

It takes about 1 hour to prepare the card (I did it on PowerPoint, and the file is available if you want to start from something already half-done).
For each card the cutting/folding is about 10 minutes per card. I sent about 12 of them, only one fooled up.

Step 1: The Powerpoint Template

I did the card mostly using PowerPoint. Once the basic template is done (you can download a blank one without pictures here) it is very easy to make it yours, and add you own photos to it.

Step 2: Preparing the Pictures

You have to select prepare some photos, pictures or whatever you want to put in the card.
You will need:
2 large pictures
6 medium pictures (half of the large ones size)
18 small pictures (half of the medium ones size)

All the pictures must be squared (use a photo editing program such as GIMP to do so). Resolution is not important, you can keep high-quality photos, but should be at least correct.

Also ensure that all the images fit together: They should share the same darkness level, colors should be pleasing when viewed altogether...

Step 3: Adding the Pictures to the Ppt File

To add the pictures in the "boxes" of the powerpoint template, you will have to double-click on a given box, And change the "Filling" for the box (depending on your PowerPoint version, this should appear as "Color").

You can see on the attached screenshot what appears on my Powerpoint: Sorry it is a French version, and it is quite old, but you should find your way out as big boys huh?

Changing the color of a box to an image is clunky on Powerpoint, at least on my version. It may be better on more recent versions.

Step 4: Printing the Cards

Here is the result of the edition for me.

Now just print it on hard paper, and use a sharp cutter and a ruler and open (cut) all the horizontal borders of the boxes.

Step 5:

Now just fold the card you just cut. It takes few minutes again, and check on the image below the folding order.

You are done!

I think it may be nice to build the card in vertical mode so that the Christmas tree is higher.
Also you can staick the card on a stronger leaf of paper or cardboard so that it has a nocer look.

I hope you enjoyed my instructable.



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    This is a great Instructable, but you need to add a main image of the final project to the intro step. Please do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks!

    Hi again admin, Thanks for entering my instructable in the card contest. However, it has never been directly availaible neither from the home page nor from the RSS flux. Hence there are only few visits. Can you make the entry more "visible" on the instructables Web site, so I get a chance to gather some more votes. Thanks anyway, Bruno

    That's not the admin. That is just a picture of Robo-instruct.

    Hi Admin, It looks like my instructable has not been registered in the "card" contest. However I submitted it on time! Can you fix this please? Thanks, Bruno

    Hi, I merged the first and 2ns steps, so that the intro step has now nicer looking. That should make it. Bruno

    i made one for my workmates - they're going to see them tomorrow, i can't wait for their reactions ;) thank you!!!

    The 'ible says in Step 5 to follow the folding order, but I don't see it and it is not in the PDF I downloaded.  Where can I find it?

    Thanks for contributing this.


    How do you get the small photos to cover up the big ones?

     Can't wait to make a few of these! 

    Just to help out: On Power point 2003, you have to right click on the box, then click on the color drop box on the "colors and lines" tab. When this drops down, select "Fill Effects". Then select the "Picture" tab. Click "Select Picture" then find you image, and click "OK". Hope that helped! Great instructable!