I wanted to create small and light earrings with the idea of nature and growth. Two peaces are never the same.

Step 1: Inspiration

I started to think, how things are growing in nature. I found some pictures of fractals in nature.

Step 2: Sketches and Modelling

I wanted to create earrings, where two peaces are never the same. Like in nature.

Step 3: Finalisation

After printing (i used Ultimaker 3d printer and the PLA material) a bit more work was needed. I used sandpaper and the knife to cut of the edges. Then i glued silver studs.

Fractal earrings are very light and comfortable to wear. Diameter: 2cm

<p>Your earrings are beautiful!! Thank you for sharing your first project on Instructables!</p>
<p>Thank you !</p>
<p>love it!</p>
<p>Fun earring design.</p>

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Bio: Handcrafted and 3D printed design
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