Warning: These props use for making movie only.

and thanks a lot for everyone who watching my vids.

Special thank to great music
-Kevin MacLeod
<p>could you by any chance make a prop shotgun? one that could cycle prop shells?</p>
Is there any way I can avoid using clay?
Yes, but for me, easiest way to make a bomb is clay, and it looks like nitroglycerin bomb (wild west TNT) the most. <br>For other option, <br>- PVC pipe is a great, smooth and solid. but you have to seal its end.(that take time) <br>- Candy case, from chocolate, toffy (like m&amp;m). <br>- paper, roll it, and done. (easiest of all), you have to add weight to it. <br>Hope that help and sorry for late reply.
That's Fine!<br><br>Thanks for the info!
Awesome props man please make more

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