Picture of Fragrant Mint Wreath
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My mint plant has taken over the garden, plus I need a pretty wreath for the holiday season.  Let's put this aggressive plant to good use.

Step 1: Get everything together

Picture of Get everything together
You will need:

-old cardboard big enough to cut your wreath frame out of, the size is up to you
-duct tape, any color
-dried goldenrod, it grows in my front yard
-any other interesting greenery of your choice

mikeasaurus4 years ago
pro. photos, I can smell the wreath behind my screen.
nice job
sunshiine4 years ago
Oh yeah now I know something else to use mint for! I have a rosemary bush also! Thanks for sharing your hard work!
SweetPea_14 years ago
Thanks for sharing, this looks like a great idea!
Caraher4 years ago
Cool idea heading out today today and get me some mint.Thanks
muddysuzi (author) 4 years ago
Thank you all very much, it smelled wonderful and still does now that it's dried up...I just tossed it into the compost bin yesterday. @tbcross, it lasted a couple of days so it's best for a special occasion etc, although it may last longer if spritzed with water with a water bottle.
CrLz4 years ago
Sweet idea. Really cool.
HDMeanie4 years ago
I have a rosemary bush that I do this with.....will now use the mint. Once that stuff takes root LOOKOUT !! :)) I love it :O)
mole14 years ago
Oh! If only I had checked ibles before ripping mint out of the yard today. (Maybe I still have enough lemon balm to do it.) Your wreath is beautiful!
ChrysN4 years ago
Nice, I bet that smells wonderful.
tbcross4 years ago
wish I had some mint growing. This is such a good idea pretty and sweet to smell, how long does it last?