Introduction: Variation...

A common variation of this trick -which is slightly easier to perform- is for the girl to face away from the line of men, with her arms outstretched, and bracing herself against a wall with her hands.
Their aim, of course, is to pin her to the wall, but as long as she can resist the force exerted by the first man, inertia will again defeat their best efforts to crumple her... In fact, it is not uncommon even, for the entire line to find itself off balance, and falling to the floor!



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    It wasn't as racey as I thought it was gonna be but nice pose

    Forget the trick! Where did she find the balding sextuplets.

    Thinking the same thing! Freakin' weird. LOL

    Sorry had to post again... I'm still ROFL from your post.. *Whips a tear from his eye. ;)

    Also wipes it. Ouch that hurt!

    Freaky stuff! Check out their thongs!

    hahahahaha my bro is just weak for me... lol. nice instructable tough..

    I'm not so sure it's inertia that makes this possible so much as Newton's "Equal and opposite" principle. however, if this were an instructable about 200 frail women stopping a speeding truck....

    Ummm "Equal and opposite" principle? You mean a butchered subtext of Newton's Third Law yes? Yes I do think that is what you mean.... however what the monkey does that have to do with this? The angle of the force is offset with an adjacent force... I'm not going to try to make up some physics terms or adapt irrelevant ones to explain it as I am not completely convinced of a total effectiveness, but most importantly I suggest you don't either. It's great you're on a site of this theme where you're apparently struck with some fascination of learning and understanding... PLEASE don't degrade the quality of the site with useless contributions in which you try to talk about something you clearly don't understand or know (for whatever motivation, be it an attempt to SEEM contributing/intelligent or hike up your post count). In regards to quality degradation, this not only creates noise to be filtered for those who are capable of sifting through bs, but more painfully those who ARE NOT who can be mislead into adopting your haphazardly coined concepts in one form or another - not to mention harm the perceptual quality of anything you post from herein out. <3