Just saw a great show? Cool! Got to go backstage? Awesome! Got a signed CD? Amazing! Get home and just put it on a shelf? No...
These things are collectors items, treat them as such! Show it proudly! Put it on the wall so everybody can see it!
An amazingly simple method to frame a CD, jewel case and all! PLUS, it has room for other stuff too, like the ticket stub, any picks you might have gotten, wristbands, etc. Also, it uses a normal frame, NO SHADOW BOX NEEDED!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

You only need a couple of things to do this project.

A regular picture frame, just the kind with little folded metal holding the glass in

Black spray paint

Box cutter

Pen or Pencil


Your chosen memorabilia

*Optional - Glue of some kind (a glue stick is all you need)

A piece of corrugated cardboard (assuming the one in your frame is just card stock.)

Let's get to work!
<p>This is what I've been looking for. Amazing and simple, I'll try it this weekend. Thanks!</p>
Great...<br /> <br /> Now I have something to do this weekend!<br />
it would be cool if you made a wider one so you could display the open case with the cd inside, or the case and the cd next to it.
Funny you should mention that... I have a Dir En Grey CD I've been thinking of how to do just that. Shinya HAD to be different and sign the back of the album. Just need a wider frame.
Been wanting to do this to a couple of my CDs for a while. I'll get around to it eventually! :P

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