Frame a CD, case and all! Memorabilia CD Frame

Picture of Frame a CD, case and all!  Memorabilia CD Frame
Just saw a great show? Cool! Got to go backstage? Awesome! Got a signed CD? Amazing! Get home and just put it on a shelf? No...
These things are collectors items, treat them as such! Show it proudly! Put it on the wall so everybody can see it!
An amazingly simple method to frame a CD, jewel case and all! PLUS, it has room for other stuff too, like the ticket stub, any picks you might have gotten, wristbands, etc. Also, it uses a normal frame, NO SHADOW BOX NEEDED!
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Step 1: Gather Supplies

Picture of Gather Supplies
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Instructables CD Framing 003.JPG
You only need a couple of things to do this project.

A regular picture frame, just the kind with little folded metal holding the glass in

Black spray paint

Box cutter

Pen or Pencil


Your chosen memorabilia

*Optional - Glue of some kind (a glue stick is all you need)

A piece of corrugated cardboard (assuming the one in your frame is just card stock.)

Let's get to work!

Step 2: Clean up the frame

Picture of Clean up the frame
In case you were wondering, No, I never had whales hanging on my wall. I got the frame at a thrift store for $0.59. It was a little dusty and dingy, so i just Windexed the glass and wiped down the frame with some cleaner and water. Not that pretty, so we'll do something about that in a few.

If you want to save the stuff in the frame, you can. Matte Board isn't cheap, so why not re-use it?

This time, I don't want to save the whales...

Step 3: Prep and cut the board

Picture of Prep and cut the board
Instructables CD Framing 301.JPG
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This step can't get much simpler. Place the CD on the cardboard and trace around it. put it wherever you want on the board, visualizing the end result. Cut out the rectangle you just drew. Cut on the inside of the line, you want this to be a tight fit.

*Note* You are using a box cutter, so please be careful! I know you see it all over this site, but I won't be held responsible for anybody coming away from this project with Jerry Garcia hands!
alxdrnts1 year ago

This is what I've been looking for. Amazing and simple, I'll try it this weekend. Thanks!


Now I have something to do this weekend!
berky936 years ago
it would be cool if you made a wider one so you could display the open case with the cd inside, or the case and the cd next to it.
poi_pai (author)  berky936 years ago
Funny you should mention that... I have a Dir En Grey CD I've been thinking of how to do just that. Shinya HAD to be different and sign the back of the album. Just need a wider frame.
DIYDragon6 years ago
Been wanting to do this to a couple of my CDs for a while. I'll get around to it eventually! :P