Step 2: Prepare the Frame

I took apart the brown paper backing off the frame first.

I then took my pliers and removed the staples that were holding the art to the frame.

At the time, I was unsure what I was going to do about the frame hanger, so I left it on for now.

The next part to prepare the frame was to clean it and determine any rough spots using a clean, dry cloth.  As I was going to paint and then distress, I didn’t want splinters while I handled the frame.

Finally, I took some painters tape and covered the original hanger that I left on there so I could spray paint the frame over my covered work space.
love this! thanks!
<p>Thank you! We still use it everyday.</p>
very nice work. i love your finish on the frame.
Thank you VERY MUCH! It was the first time distressing anything other than paper. =)

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