Step 3: Paint the Frame

I knew I wanted to have a brown frame that was distressed with the original color underneath.

I sprayed one coat of white primer on the frame and let it dry (at least an hour.)

I ended up spraying a total of three coats of the brown spray paint, holding the paint at least six inches (6”) away from the frame each time and letting it dry at least an hour in between coats.

Truthfully this project took me the 8 hours over the course of three weekends, because I was only able to work on it in small blocks of time.  I could easily see this project being done in one weekend if time was available though.

One of those weekends was devoted to painting and distressing….
love this! thanks!
<p>Thank you! We still use it everyday.</p>
very nice work. i love your finish on the frame.
Thank you VERY MUCH! It was the first time distressing anything other than paper. =)

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