Step 5: Add the Hooks

It wasn’t until this step that I decided to take the original hanger off the frame.  We used the drill to remove the screws and wire.

I measured the inside area of the frame using my measuring tape, and divided the space evenly so that I could place the six screws and corks evenly to hang the jars.

My husband drilled the screws into the frame for me and I placed the champagne corks onto the screws. 
There was no need to pre-drill a hole into the corks because the corks take a screw pretty easily, and I just slipped them on after all of the screws were drilled through the frame.

Of the six saved champagne corks, three of them have dates written on them of events that happened and my husband and I saved the cork for memories.  One of the corks had the date my eldest son came home from the hospital after his birth.  An important memory indeed.
I’m glad I can use these corks in a meaningful way and look at them often now, rather than having them stashed in my cork holder.
love this! thanks!
<p>Thank you! We still use it everyday.</p>
very nice work. i love your finish on the frame.
Thank you VERY MUCH! It was the first time distressing anything other than paper. =)

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