Step 6: Prepare the Jars

After cleaning the jars and removing all the labels (I use Goo Gone to take labels off), I measured one length of jute compared to my jars just for a reference.

I looked on instructables for a knot to tie to hang the jar, and I used this tutorial, via a link at the bottom of the page: scaffold knot/multiple overhand sliding knot.  The actual you-tube video is here: How to Tie a Multiple Overhand Sliding Knot

The knot was useful because one end could be pulled to make the loop and hanging cord smaller.

I tied each side of the hanging strings for each jar with the loop mentioned above, and slipped a second long piece of jute through the two loops.

Starting on one side of the jar, I wrapped the jute around the top of the jar, under the cap screw area.

I wrapped the jute around the jar three times total, going through the loops each time the cord passed around them.

I tied a tight square knot on the cord wrapped around the jar, before tying a cute bow and trimming the ends up.
love this! thanks!
<p>Thank you! We still use it everyday.</p>
very nice work. i love your finish on the frame.
Thank you VERY MUCH! It was the first time distressing anything other than paper. =)

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