Step 7: Hang the Frame & Jars and Decide What to Display

After hanging the frame, I placed the jars at their original various lengths on the corks.

That’s where the knot of the loops were useful to pull the jars up to create the balanced look that I was looking for.

As stated in the intro, I knew I wanted to use these jars to organize some of my craft supplies.

The original photo showed the jars holding candles, and because I used jute to hang the jars, I used LED tealights to take a photo of my hanger with ‘candles.'

A relatively quick project, I am very pleased with the way my functional wall art frame and jars came out!
love this! thanks!
<p>Thank you! We still use it everyday.</p>
very nice work. i love your finish on the frame.
Thank you VERY MUCH! It was the first time distressing anything other than paper. =)

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