Frame for an Old Laptop LCD





Introduction: Frame for an Old Laptop LCD

I am building a frame to put an old LCD screen from an old laptop

I also made a video for this, hope you enjoy, i will soon hope to make a better quality-more details video soon

Step 1: LCD

I used an 17' LCD from an laptop that died a few years ago, you can use almost any LCD used by laptops.

Step 2:

After many ideas i decided to go with Ikea and i bought a Ribba frame 30x40 cm

Step 3:

i opened the frame and decided how i wanted to position the screen inside the frame

Step 4:

I used a cardboard to measure the screen size and make some measurements for the best positioning and looking, and marked where the cables will enter under the frame

Step 5:

Positioning the LCD controller board according to the lengths of the cables and cutting the whole to connect the LCD

Step 6:

As next step i measured the white cardboard to be cut according to the needs and to be able to fully use screen

Step 7:

Before putting all together i clean the glass of the frame since it wont be open soon

Step 8:

i connected the LCD to the controller and stared to position the components acoordingly.

Step 9:

As a final step, for the cables not to fly around i had used tape for cable management

Step 10:

as a final product, im very happy how it turned up to be and i wont keep this gorgeous LCD deposit anywhere else



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    Bro. Where did you get the controller board?

    Where did you find the speakers(?) in step 9?

    the speakers were as an option on ebay on motherboard sellers page

    Actually very simple and neat. Thanks for the little tip!

    I'm glad that you liked it