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Introduction: Frame for (naked) Models

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A friend of me is a great photographer. He was also mainly involved at the wedding of my wife and me. As payment he wanted something special. Something to play with.

A frame to put models or normal people (for example me) in it to take some pictures.

Step 1: Main Frame

It is important to create a strong frame. This way the box can be placed in every possible position. Therefore I've used some steel pipes to weld together two frames.

The edges are sanded to be as smooth as possible. To attach the wooden plates some plates are added. Furthermore I've painted the frame white to protect the frame from rust.

Step 2: Wooden Base

The sides of the box are made of OSB (oriented strand board), it is the best choice for stable and cheap constructions.

The connection from the plates to the metal frame are done by screw bolts (Schlossschrauben) and wing nuts.

Step 3: All the Optical Stuff

While in use, all screws and other stuff will be seen. Because of that, I've decided to create the inside of the box with white back panels of a cabinet. To increase the margin of the edges I've added some rods and glued some white strips onto it.

Step 4: The Backside

The Backside is simply PVC with a transparency of 35% It is held by clamps or Magnets.

Step 5: Assembly

For assembly, the OSB plates are screwed into the steal Frame. The white plates are simply taped in with Double-sided adhesive tape.

Step 6: The Shooting

If you live in The South of Germany or in the north of Switzerland or ....

here is the Contact to the greatest photographer from my wedding:

Or write a message to me.



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The only thing that would make this better is to move the camera and shoot from different angles. That way the perspective would be preserved in the composite picture and really make it look good.

I'll hand over this advice. I'm only capable of building such a thing

very nice

I have to show this one to my brother. As a photographer, he will love the idea.