Picture of Frame from old canvas
I tried to make some melted crayon art and it turned out terrible. Everytime I looked at it, it hurt  ;D
I decided to disassemble "the artpiece" to reuse the crayons and recycle the canvas. Once I did that I realized the wood looked quite beautiful and that with some sanding it could look really great. It was a cheap canvas and so the quality of the wood wasn't good, but after a few hours it became the perfect frame for one of my drawings.

Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
- Canvas (from a failed instructable)
- Knife
- Sandpaper of different degrees of coarseness
- Oil or paint or dye
- Glue
I agree its a fantastic idea I too have chucked a few away in the past, but in the future I would not be so keen, :)
Awesome idea! I love the rounded corners look :)
This is a great idea. I wish I hadn't gotten rid of the few I had. :D