Quite often I come across old timber that would be great for a project but there just isn't enough of it to make a piece of furniture or a substantial project.
By making a picture frame I can use this small amount of timber that would normally just be thrown out or burnt. You can also get creative with what you put in the frame it doesn't just have to be a picture, license plates, coins, tee shirts, coat hooks, cards stamps  or collections of flat objects. I particularly like the clothes line photo frame idea.
Depending on the look I'm after I will either sand the timber thoroughly or as in the case of the plate frame leave the paint on to give it an aged appearance
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gmckayxx2 years ago
i made a frame.
Photo on 2013-02-21 at 11.00 #4.jpg
liquidhandwash (author)  gmckayxx2 years ago
Well done it looks great!
liquidhandwash (author) 2 years ago
embochner2 years ago
awsome work , great jig too