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Found an old wood screen door in our old dump.  Ended up as a very cool frame!  The original door was made very cleverly by cutting the wood in half where it is put together.  They had both glued and screwed it together.  I used an oscillating tool made by Porter-Cable to match the cuts on a shorter basis, then used the original screws to put back together (after drilling the old wood so it didn't split).    Even used the old frame boards  the original creator had used to hide the crack between the canvas and the frame.  Then cut off the screws and glued them in to keep the original look.  The canvas had come with hangers so simply put a wire between the two so it could be hung on the wall easily.


aebe (author)2014-10-22

Looks pretty good , even with a picture of Bodie in the middle of it . :)

gthomas18 (author)2013-12-14


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