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This is an easy way to make great looking dimensional art for your walls. For this project, I used:

- Empty picture frame (I bought one for cheap at a yard sale)

- Flower vases

- Wire or fishing line

- Flowers (fresh or faux)

My picture frame came with a wire already attached for hanging.  If yours doesn't have one, you can add it, or use fishing line to give more of a floating look.   

Secure the vases to the wire.  I simply wound wire around the tops of the vases and then wrapped it around the frame's wire. 

Or, alternatively, you could hang the vases separately from the frame.

Place your flowers in the vases and hang the whole piece on the wall! 


audreyobscura (author)2013-02-25

This is super cute! Great idea!

bmciver2 (author)audreyobscura2013-02-25

Thanks! I entered it into a couple of contests if you feel inclined to vote for it :)

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