So my mom loves old-looking keys. She loves them so much that she uses them throughout her business in her marketing tools, business cards, even jewelry (she's a real estate agent, so it fits nicely). At the gun show a few weekends ago I found a guy selling all kinds of old prison collectibles like shackles, balls and chains, padlocks, and yes, old iron keys! They look great and I happened to have a frame lying around, so I gave this a shot. Haggled him down to ten bucks too!

Step 1: Supplies

The only thing not pictured is super glue, which I'll get to in a few steps. Pretty straight forward: you need some keys, some different types of glue, and a frame with something to put as the background (pink construction paper in my case). Also, you should be watching Blackhawks hockey.
I just love old keys! What a great way to show them off and what a sweet gift :)
Thank you so much!

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