Picture of Framed Keys
So my mom loves old-looking keys. She loves them so much that she uses them throughout her business in her marketing tools, business cards, even jewelry (she's a real estate agent, so it fits nicely). At the gun show a few weekends ago I found a guy selling all kinds of old prison collectibles like shackles, balls and chains, padlocks, and yes, old iron keys! They look great and I happened to have a frame lying around, so I gave this a shot. Haggled him down to ten bucks too!
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
The only thing not pictured is super glue, which I'll get to in a few steps. Pretty straight forward: you need some keys, some different types of glue, and a frame with something to put as the background (pink construction paper in my case). Also, you should be watching Blackhawks hockey.

Step 2: Prep the Back

Picture of Prep the Back
First things first; get the background all set up so it dries. As you can see I took great care to spread the white glue perfectly in order to minimize bubbles and wrinkles in the paper background. Then I dropped on the paper and used some useless pile of paper to weigh it down. It's pretty important to secure the background to the back side of the frame, because these babies are a little heavy.

Step 3: Lay it Out

Picture of Lay it Out
Then, using the empty frame and the floor, I laid out the keys to get a feel for what I wanted it to look like.
I just love old keys! What a great way to show them off and what a sweet gift :)
drewbagd (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Thank you so much!