Frank the Bunny


Introduction: Frank the Bunny

It was Halloween time once again several different costume parties to go to ... but some with the same crowds ... Yes I could have just worn the same costume to all events but thats not my way. I quickly came up with an idea to create a "frank the bunny" costume from the movie "Donnie Darko". I used the base mask of some old easter bunny thing and molded some Crayola model magic over top and used some old sunglass lenses for the eyes ... once it was dried i painted and shellacked the whole thing 2 times .. it turned out amazingly and it was a hit. for hte costume i turned an sweater inside out that was all fur and quickly stitched a pair of fur pants from some old fur fabric lying around and used some werewolf gloves for the hands .... everyone was dying for a pic with Frank the Bunny!




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    Nice take on Frank The Bunny for sure.

    If anyone is interested in buying one it has been near impossible to get a good one so many people including myself have decided to make their own. I'm going to post my instruct able soon of the same thing but I also did end up buying one on etsy from mothergalaxies and I'm ranting and raving about it because the amount of work I received for what I payed was amazing and I thought I'd spread the word a-little.

    Great mask...amazing movie...awesome soundtrack. If I saw someone wearing this mask at night and heard the "Now you know where he lives" music I would probably......I don't even want to think about it lol...masks looks great tho

    your profile picture with you wearing the finished product is awesome, also incredibly funny because of your user name. great job on the mask, and welcome to instructables!

    Next time, it would be really cool to see you make the metal mask from S. Darko!