Picture of Frankenbear Synthamajig
Have you ever wanted a teddy bear that looks like Frankenstein and makes sounds like "bleep bleep bloooop de de bleep.... EHHHHHHHHHH...... dadadadadadadododododod bleep bleep bloop"?

Look no farther, you have found it!

Now you can perform the nights away with your new USB-Powered teddy bear instrument. Yay!

Step 1: Go get stuff.

Picture of Go get stuff.
Go get stuff:

1 - Small white teddy bear (preferably with red bow)
1 - USB cable
1 - Bicycle safety flasher
1 - Small speaker
1 - PIC16F877 micro-processor
1 - 20MHZ ceramic resonator
1 - LM386 audio amplifier
1 - 40 pin socket
1 - 8 pin socket
1 - PCB (cut to size of teddy bear)
2 - 10K potentiometers (preferably with knob)
2 - red knobs (available at Home Depot)
2 - 0.1uF ceramic disk capacitors
1 - 0.022uF ceramic disk capacitor
1 - 330uF electrolytic capacitor
1 - 10uF electrolytic capacitor
1 - 0.1uF polyester film capacitor
2 - 220 ohm resistors
1 - 10K resistor
1 - 330 ohms resistor
1 - Spool red thread to match bear
1 - Role of electrical tape
1 - Red and black 22 AWG wire

- PIC programmer
- Exacto knife or razor blade
- Soldering iron
- Hot glue gun
- Sewing needle
- Wire cutter
- Needle nose pliers
- Drill (possibly)
- Small philips head screwdriver (possibly)
That's awesome!
Warlrosity6 years ago
Is that usb cable off a iMac keyboard??????Actully I know it is butstill,
Nextor7 years ago
Amazing !!!
Tvman8 years ago
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW <br/>How CUTE AND KICK ASS!!!!!!!!!<br/>sounds like a cool thing to give to a girl dude! i would make it....BUT...probably very expensive for the parts and probably to much time and patience =/ looks kick ass thou! aight sweet bro <br/><br/>BYE<br/>
StevenWC8 years ago
This is very neat. I will go home and make it right away. And yeah it does sound like r2d2 from star wars.
randofo (author)  StevenWC8 years ago
My god! That's one deadly looking cat! If you do end up making it right away, let me know how it goes for you. Post a picture or something.
Kaiven8 years ago
lol the sound in the mov is like r2d2 from starwars
julieruin8 years ago
Hey there, I would really love to build this for my Physics of Music project and presentation. I know a thing or two about electronics, however, I know absolutely nothing about PIC programmers or micro-processors - what are they, how do I use them, and where can I buy them affordably? If you could reply or email me at cowgirlsong@gmail.com I would be eternally grateful and definitely credit your work in my presentation!
whelzorn8 years ago
No wonder my life always felt so incomplete, It was this that was missing all along... Seriously though, awesome instructable. I have been into microcontrollers ever since I found out what they were, and PIC's are fun as hell because their so cheap that you don't have to worry about blowing them.
Lindie8 years ago
Wonderful, and bleep de bloop.
tomc3uk8 years ago
Ok, first a vibrating apple, now this. Pretty cool!
highwayman78 years ago
Yes, I believe there should be caps (12pfd or so?) between pins 13,14 and ground. Hard to get that oscillator running with the xtal grounded at both ends. :=)
randofo (author)  highwayman78 years ago
Yup. Whoops. Good point. I drew it wrong. I'm using a 20 MHZ ceramic resonator. The middle pin is grounded.
mhswitch8 years ago
Hizza! A real instructable ;D
garydion8 years ago
Very nice project. I like the sounds that the PIC makes here. One note about the schematic. I'm not a PIC guy, but I do see something wonky with pins 13&14 being tied to ground. Looks like some capacitors are missing.