Frankendrill IV: the Resurrection





Introduction: Frankendrill IV: the Resurrection

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I recently purchased a well made cordless model from a thrift store with the objective of converting it to my favorite type of power pack: the Harbor Freight 18- volter. It was an obsolete design, and the 14 volt battery unit was no longer readily available. An inspection showed it probably suffered the same fate as many portable drill systems do: sitting on a shelf while the battery gets dried out in the charger. With no discernible signs of wear or abuse, it was a perfect specimen for my mad experiment.

Step 1: To the Operatory and Bolt the Door

The corpse of an old Harbor Freight drill provided the body parts I needed for my experiments: the battery connector and the all important electrodes. I severed the limb from the torso using my bone saw, saving the heart, head, and lungs for another day.

Step 2: Preparing for the Transplant

I made a paper pattern for the acrylic transition plate that would allow for the new battery to interface with the old drill. I then fabricated a wood plug to hold the electrodes that would connect to the drill's interior socket. I finished this part of the operation by screwing the plate in place, and provided connection screws to direct power to the body. Lastly the new connector was epoxied and screwed to the plate, I then removed my mask, apron, and gloves...

Step 3: Igor, Turn on the Power!

Look! It's moving. It's alive. It's alive... It's alive, it's moving, it's alive, it's alive, it's alive, it's alive, IT'S ALIVE!

Well, I wasn't as overawed as Colin Clive, but still, it's a pretty good feeling to see an experiment turn out successfully just the same. Now I have another tool ready to do my bidding in my quest for total world domination, one screw at a time.



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    Just a note to let you know I have added you to the collection: Cordless Drill Battery Maintenance !


    Take a look at a bunch of different/similar approaches to this project.

    3 replies

    True, but you got there first Russ. ☺

    One stop shopping for a how- to repair, nice job Russ!

    Dumb chargers can cook rechargeable batteries but NiCADs suffer from crystallization a lot too. There are articles on this site about battery zapping to resurrect crystallized batteries. I use a MIG welder.

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    I have a great Bosch 14.4v drill but I have not been successful with the zapping method and I have tried them all.

    Boffo article; wasn't looking for this but I can't stop wondeirng if it'd work for me.

    I have a donor organs, but they're all Nicad-based, and want to know: Is the Harbor Freight battery pack Nicad or Li-Ion?

    If it's Nicad, then would anyone see any big drawbacks to trying to mash a new Li-Ion battery pack onto an old drill made for Nicads?

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    Hmm. I'll see what I might do with my junkbox and that info. Thanx.

    Relax, have another chip. Well deserved, old boy. Smashing.

    Awesome! I was just about to toss my old drill away.

    Love it, drills were never meant to be tampered with by man, it is an abomination I say!

    I love how well written this is! Great idea!

    Hahaha! Great job fixing up this drill. You did a great job explaining your process, and the pictures are pretty boss. Nice work!