Picture of Frankenloon
Here we have a short and sweet Halloween instructable. I have been planning on doing this for a couple of weeks. Then I saw someones Franekegg so knew I had better get to it.

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Step 3: Add Character

Picture of Add Character
On this step you will add the character.

So draw your face on the balloon with he permanent marker.

Step 4: Up It

Picture of Up It
Now it is time to "Up It"

1. Light the LED up
2. Then hang it up some where by tying a string to the top of it and hand it up.

That's it Enjoy.
Mr. Rig It (author) 6 years ago
This is my worst instructable ever
Notbob7 years ago
very cool! I just want to know if you have to turn the light on before you put it in the balloon or after?
Beep417 years ago
*gasp* you copied mine! nah i dont care, but if it gets out hand, i'll say something
Mr. Rig It (author)  Beep417 years ago
Actually I was going to do this 2 weeks ago with my kids, I have just been waiting fort them to show interest. When I saw yours I was like "Oh Man!" but then i saw your was an egg. That propelled me into just doing it and getting it over with. "Gets outta hand" LOL they have no hands!!