Introduction: Frankenstein Bolts

Picture of Frankenstein Bolts

Here is my model "Frankenstein bolts"

-Accessoire To design a Halloween costume

Step 1: Modeling

Picture of Modeling

I modeled thist using a software3d, export in stl format

Step 2: 3D PRINT

Picture of 3D PRINT

-Printed with dagoma discovery 200 with these parameters:

x: 19.72mm

y: 18.88mm

z: 52.86mm

-thickness layer: 0.15mm

-Filling: filled

-time: 41min

Step 3: Paint

Picture of Paint

I painted the model using spray paint

I introduce the bolts on a headband, using the notch...

Step 4: Final

Picture of Final

And here is the halloween accessory:)

Step 5: Link

Stl :


rafununu (author)2016-11-20

No bolts, but some screws, no ?

yoda3d (author)rafununu2016-11-20

To put the bolts on the headband? There is a hole at the base of the only has to drag it inside

ctudor (author)2016-11-19

Frankenstein is the creator of the monster the monster never got named after Frankenstein saw horror and disgust in him and Frankenstein dosnt have no bolds in his head the book never mentioned end bolts

yoda3d (author)ctudor2016-11-19

ok,Creature of frankenstein
But above all, haloween costume:)

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