Step 13: Alternate Laser shield (Easylaser Shield)

The Lasershield by Groover is great but I found some things that didn't satisfied my style of operating the laser.
  • The laserhshield isn't capable of switching the microstepping modes for the stepper motors.
With DVD stepper motors he used there was no need to do so but when using different motors from different devices this can help to drive those motors correct.
  • The relay that controlled the laser to turn on and off I wasn't very happy with, too.
  • And lastly the wires from the drivershield to the laser diode were too long. Putting the driver next to the laser would be better I guess.

So Tl;dr :

I redesigned the lasershield from Groover.
  1. Removed the laser driver circuit - Replaced with a terminal clamp to attach a ready made laser driver. I got mine from AixiZ at ebay (link).
  2. Added jumpers beneath the Easydrivers to set the microstepping mode.


User jduffy54 was so kind to fix the easylaser shield. I updated the Eagle Schematics and Layout. The jumpers to adjust the microstepping mode should now work as intended.

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