Picture of Frankenstein Neck Bolts for Halloween!
This is a very easy way to make the Neck Bolts for a Frankenstein costume.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need:
2 Bolts
A Wire Hanger
Something to cut the hanger
Duct Tape
novakfor35 years ago
Those look totally fake, sorry. You can see the duct tape and the screws are bend two different ways.
woody558 (author)  novakfor35 years ago
If you use electrical solder (it bends REALLY easily), you don't need the duct tape.

PS Duct tape fixes everything, even body parts and skin.
 Ur a dummy doo-doo
catdog5 years ago
those are fail
i like the stuff in the backround tho
woody558 (author)  catdog5 years ago
And why, exactly, would you call them fail?

I am sorry if this breaks the "be nice" rule. (this is a critique of why I think they fail)
1.Bolts are too long.
2.It droops to much on your shoulders.
3.You can see that the bolts aren't attached to your neck.

I did attach a quick illustration of what they should look like, just to help portray what I think they should look like.
May I suggest not using real bolts, something lighter, and then using an adhesive to attach them to your neck.

TTR12 woody5585 years ago
because they don´t look real?